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42% of buyers

of injection molding OVERPAY!

simply due to small design oversights

This FREE tool teaches you to maximize your plastic injection molding design and specification


New Engineering Reference Device

This is the ultimate tool to help design and determine features on your next plastic injection molded part. This clever device can save you thousands of dollars and keep the mistakes from happening. It's Free, just ASK!

N.E.R.D. (New Engineering Reference Device) demonstrates real world molded radii (both inner & outer), wall thicknesses, textures, absent & present weld lines, as well as demonstrations of sink & no sink. 


With ASH as your design & manufacturing team, we'll work to facilitate a smooth transition for every step of design, tooling, and production for a pain-free product life. Just fill in the information below, and we'll ship you a N.E.R.D. free of charge.

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